Behind the Scenes of The Apology Project > Clarion University of Pennsylvania's Little Theater, 2014

In April of 2014 at Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Visual and Performing Arts, The Apology Project was in residency. Here Gerry and Kaersten ran a week-long workshop with students studying visual art, theater, and dance. A team of Theater Tech students were assigned to work with Gerry and Kaersten. This team consisted of Stage Director Christian Ryan, Megan Bodish on lighting and rigging, and Hank Bullington mastering sound, projections and rigging.

During Gerry and Kaersten’s residency at Clarion University they rehearsed and presented the performance, and gave lectures to students, the university at large, and to the local Clarion community. Gerry was introduced as dance master for a day to one of the university’s contemporary dance classes, where he taught the Butoh approach to movement.

As a result of their experience at Clarion University, the collaborators hired Megan Bodish, who recently graduated with honors from Clarion. Megan will be joining the team at Silo City in Buffalo, and will be working closely with Toronto based lighting designer Simon Rossiter.